My Ex Goes Out of Their Option To Bother Myself. How Does The Guy Act This Way?

Reader Question:

My ex-boyfriend left me personally but will never go significantly more than five to 7 days before he’d phone or text myself. However typically start texting as he was drunk, claiming he was “therefore sorry.” Whenever I discovered he was with another woman, however in contact with myself, I slashed all communication.

The ex with his woman go out of their way to behave incredibly caring around me, however i’ve been told they continuously combat in public places to meet gay guys near me once I have always been not about. The ex provides actually gone in terms of provide me somewhat shove from behind immediately after which reported he did not recognize it actually was me.

Exactly why is my ex doing this? How come the guy act this way as he left me personally? Exactly what do I do to manufacture him prevent and simply progress?

-Kristin (Wisconsin)

Dr. Wendy Walsh’s Answer:

The actual real question is “Why performed he split along with you?” was actually he using it as a control to get something else entirely from you? There isn’t any question he is still mounted on you, but their drunk texts and community shows made to invite your own jealous interest are an unhealthy substitution for sincere talk.

If you value him and think there is certainly nonetheless something indeed there, phone him and deal with all his conduct. If the guy nevertheless states he would would like to stay separated, then you’re right to maybe not get his calls, stay away from him in public places, and move on. The guy doesn’t know what the guy wishes.

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